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Stories that Empower

Dec 26, 2022


Rachel discovers that she has an older brother. This is a story of love, loss and the meaning of family. Rachel shares the following nuggets of life wisdom:
- we are braver and stronger than we think we are
- we can eat the elephant one bite at a time
- giving doesn't happen in a vaccum
- we face opportunities to...

Dec 19, 2022

D30 Toastmasters Member Spotlight - District 30 Toastmasters

Deborah talks about how gratitude, a feeling of belonging and writing gave her a sense of purpose and brought her out of depression.  She shares the following nuggets of life wisdom:

- we can be in control of our mindsets
- there's no such thing as a small thing
- intentionally looking for the positive
- gratitude...

Dec 13, 2022

Hi friends, my special guest, Jean Walters, is back! We recorded another episode from our “Unlocking Your Brilliance” series. Today, she talks about the brilliance that's within each of us. You’ve got to check out her latest book “Deep Truth: Wisdom of the Masters – Reality and Illusion”.

Dec 12, 2022

Fredrik van Huynh (@fvanhuynh) / Twitter

Fredrik talks about the growing pains of building a successful, international internship organization. He shares the following nuggets of life wisdom:

- an overnight success takes 10 years
- incorporate new habits and mindset
- strive to live below our means
- keep it going
- writing down our dreams grounds us and...

Dec 5, 2022

Having received help for his clinical depression, Josh is on a compassionate journey to create more openings for people to talk about mental health.  He shares the following nuggets of life wisdom:

- approach everyone with curiosity and compassion
- keep the lines of connection open
- share what's difficult for us