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Stories that Empower

Jul 25, 2022

Matthew Arnold Stern

Being held at gun point enabled Matthew to endure any difficult situation and find a way through it. He shares the following nuggets of life wisdom:
- we can survive challenges
- we shouldn't take things for granted
- develop an attitude of being thankful
- we can get through it
- be the calm
- take a deep breath

Jul 18, 2022

Thomas overcame rejection, when he left the Church as a deacon, to grieve his wife's suicide. His faith, peace and light got him through it. Thomas shares the following nuggets of life wisdom:
- show compassion
- relationships take work
- be yourself
- keep the communication open
- pray, ask for something specific and...

Jul 11, 2022

40+ "Priscilla" profiles | LinkedIn

Experiencing unemployment was initially challenging for Priscilla, as she had come to identify herself with her career. She decided to stretch outside of her comfort zone, learn new skills, reinvent herself and be of service to others. These led her to land new opportunities. Priscilla shares the following nuggets of...

Jul 4, 2022

Once Hailima realized that her self-defeating beliefs, low self-esteem and negative self-image were holding her back, she began to value herself, shift her mindset and know her true worth. Today, she is passionate about being a guide to others. Hailima shares the following powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
- you...