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Stories that Empower

Sep 26, 2022

Chris shares how he overcame the numerous rocky roads of his life.  Today, he helps others overcome their obstacles.  Chris shares the following nuggets of wisdom:

- no one's life is perfect
- failure is a requirement of success
- playing the victim is the easy thing to do
- when things go far, it's not always our...

Sep 22, 2022

Kyomi O'Connor - She Writes Press

Kyomi shares how her husband's unconditional love helped her heal her wound and how writing helped her to heal from the loss of her spouse. This empowered her to remove the armor she had built for herself and expose her vulnerabilities. Kyomi shares the following nuggets of life wisdom:
- writing can help us face what...

Sep 22, 2022

Tamara Pelosi

Tamara felt an enormous amount of shame for a crime committed by her former spouse. She owned her story and felt no longer defined by that external incident. Today, Tamara helps women on their journey of self-love and self-empowerment. She shares these wonderful nuggets of life wisdom:
- wonderous gifts can be born...

Sep 21, 2022

Photo: Lena Yaremenko

Amy's lifelong dream was to write. A channel opened within her, where her creativity flowed. She reminds us that it's never too late for us. Amy shares the following nuggets of wisdom:
- it's not too late
- we're not limited by the past
- do the work and stay open
- acknowledge our...

Sep 20, 2022

Joanne took the loss of her sister, turned it around and was able to find meaning in it. She decided to launch her own business. Today, Joanne gives voice to others' stories and empowers those that want to carve their own paths. She shares the following nuggets of life wisdom:

- things are cyclical
- there are things...