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Stories that Empower

Dec 13, 2021

Cindy Rasicot

Cindy's relationship with her mother was challenging. She felt fractured growing up and had a yearning to heal her broken self. Cindy sought sanctuary, that sacred place of belonging that she calls home. She moved to Thailand, where she met a Thai Buddhist nun, who led her on a spiritual and healing journey. Cindy shares the following powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
- find sanctuary, that sacred place of belonging that you call home
- strive to have a safe place of refuge to go to
- we cannot solve anything with anger
- it is much harder to practice love and kindness
- forgiveness is at the heart of it
- feel the depth of your 'self' and your voice
- allow your heart to expand
- we all have inner voices to listen to
- there can lay a dormant higher, truer self that is capable of love, creativeness and happiness
- follow the path you're searching
- don't be afraid to open up, listen and follow your inspirations
- strive to see the see the 'we/us/you' of the world
- go forward with an open heart and courage 

Finding Venerable Mother cover

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