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Stories that Empower

Jul 26, 2021


Michael's house was becoming a burden to him and his family. They were trying to hold onto this place. When they kicked out of their home (by their landlord), they chose not to view this as a tragic story, but rather as an exciting story. So, they went on an adventure and traveled as a family. This changed what they value as a family. Michael shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
- put others ahead of our own needs
- lead from a place of compassion
- love those we serve
- face uncertainty
- shift perspective from burden to new possibilities
- see opportunities to truly live
- community is so significant
- true community comes from a place, where we need each other
- tragedies can become victories
- if something happens in your life, step back and slow down
- reach out to people and share
- don't go back into the old patterns 

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