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Stories that Empower

Dec 30, 2019

Katherine knew some things were brewing in her life; in her marriage, her father's alcoholism and abandonment of the family. She developed a food addiction and attempted suicide. Then, Katherine had a wake up call. She began a journey of healing her body and heart. Katherine changed her relationship with food and body. Now, she helps people with the process of healing from the inside out. Katherine shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
- don't let your pain act itself out
- we still have to do the work
- our pain can be a part of our path
- hope is truth that is still more
- hope is healing when we are hurt and injured
- real people telling real stories is inspirational
- we have such capacities within us, beyond our own resilience
- be patient with and trust the process
- be in the company of others
- challenge the thoughts that are not true

For many, counseling offers the possibility of making lasting, positive changes in life and in relationships. For others, it offers the realization that by dissolving old patterns of thinking and believing, life is perfect exactly the way it is. Ultimately, it is about helping others live and love as their most conscious self.

For those interested, she provides a powerful mindfulness ritual at the beginning of each session, which can help clients be more present for the session and more connected to themselves throughout the process. Her overall approach is direct, interactive and collaborative with a goal of creating greater sense of personal and relational well-being.

After enjoying years of working in the field of Public Health, she experienced an inner the wind at the change of a season. What ensued was a process of reflection, curiosity and ultimately trust. It became clear that Public Health was not her final stop and that what was right and true was to follow in the footsteps of her father and become a therapist.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, she loves bringing the ideals of Public Health together with her work as a counselor, offering to those she serves a holistic approach that includes celebrating diversity in all its forms. 

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