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Stories that Empower

May 14, 2018

Terry shares the following wisdom:
- find the hidden gift even in the most difficult situation
- determine when negative emotions are not serving you
- allow good to radiate from you
- fear can dissolve when we get to know each other
- stories work on us from the inside out
- take time to heal yourself
- helping someone is one of the most healing and joyful things you can do
- open up your heart and listen to others' stories

Terry Laszlo-Gopadze, a compelling storyteller and award-winning author, brings humor, courage and compassion to her listeners, as she inspires them to create their own stories and to live their most meaningful dreams. She is a public speaker, therapist and personal development workshop leader. Offering workshops on storytelling,
creating your destiny, finding the gift in the challenge, forgiveness, and healing are her passion and joy.

In her work as a Marriage and Family Therapist, Terry has spent over thirty-five years listening to the stories of others going through difficult passages and helping them to positively transform their lives. This led her to celebrate the heartfelt stories of women,
who live inspiring spiritual lives in challenging circumstances, and to gather them into the book “The Spirit of a Woman: Stories to Empower and Inspire”.  

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