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Stories that Empower

May 29, 2023

Author Katherine Caire

Adopted at birth, Kathe went on a journey to learn her birth parents' identities.  This journey unravelled a half-sister that she never imagined existed.  Kathe shares the following nuggets of life wisdom:

  • open our hearts
  • events happen for a reason 

Accidental Sisters Book

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May 28, 2023

Steve experienced burnout, which he describes as a dark time in his life.  A bright light experience enabled him to seek balance and a shift in priorities.  Steve shares the following nuggets of life wisdom:

  • spend quiet time
  • slow down and feel our feelings
  • recognize when/how we feel; such as fatigue and anger
  • it's...

May 23, 2023

Kelly, considered one of the nation’s top experts in diversity, equity & inclusion (DE&I), feels that diversity is so much broader than our defaults.  She defines diversity as anyway that we can be different.  Kelly shares the following nuggets of life wisdom:

  • try to work harder on being ourselves
  • just speak about...

May 22, 2023

Growing up as an illegitimate child in the wake of WWII in Berlin, Nazi Germany to a single mother, Vivianne had low self-esteem and felt worthless.  She began a long path towards self-fulfillment.  Vivianne found a greater sense of spirituality and wants to share her story with the world.  She shares the following...

May 16, 2023

Jean Walters - Life Coach - St. Louis, MO | YourTango Experts

Jean Walters and I bring you another special episode of "Unlocking Your Brilliance".  Today, she shares the following nuggets of wisdom:

  • we need to give it away
  • reach out and hold up others
  • when we help others, our lights expand
  • open to spirit
  • slow down, so we can open another part
  • notice the transitions in our...