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Stories that Empower

Apr 26, 2021

Bryan Falchuk – social media detox game – who is in? | Funky Thinkers

Bryan recognized that seeking his own happiness may have caused harm to those he loved.  By finding clarity, he transformed his previous dysfunctional relationship to a healthier place.  Today, he uses his knowledge to enable others to build better relationships.  Bryan shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:


Apr 19, 2021

Joan Dempsey —

Joan's story is about empowering others to write and complete their novels.  She shares these nuggets of life wisdom:

  • what you do, matters
  • focus on what you love to do
  • you do not need outside affirmation or permission
  • you are entitled to 'do the work'
  • perseverance is key
  • focus on your key objective
  • “What you focus...

Apr 12, 2021

Sean's frustration with his work environment and the lack of creativity were catalysts for him to become more comfortable in his own skin and come to a place of more gender balance.  He shares these nuggets of life wisdom:

  • stop being right and be more curious
  • break down the walls that keep us separate
  • access all of...

Apr 5, 2021

Ron empowers others to see potential they have, may have taken for granted and/or may be hidden for them. He shares these nuggets of life wisdom:

  • events in our lives can be turned to good
  • every problem contains within it a seed of equivalent or greater benefit
  • we can't change the past
  • sometimes you just need to figure...