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Stories that Empower

Oct 30, 2017

Stories that Empower Podcast, Bryan

Oct 23, 2017

Stories that Empower Podcast, Jim

Oct 16, 2017

Jim shares a very humble and honest story about doing what makes you truly content, despite the initial hurdles.

Jim has worked in the human services industry since the late 1990's from the front lines to the executive office. His unique outlook has helped many professionals navigate conflict, promote civil culture,...

Oct 9, 2017

Nick shares a story about perseverance, determination and the importance of not quitting.

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in biology from Whittier College and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree followed by a California State chiropractic license, Nicholas Harper built a successful six-figure chiropractic practice....

Oct 2, 2017

Richard's story takes us through how he, despite the various setbacks, was able to adapt to change through determination and dedication.

Richard Bellman has 27 years of teaching experience. He began his teaching career in 1989, teaching ESL to adults. He has taught a variety of classes including High School English and...