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Stories that Empower

Aug 28, 2023

James chose to serve those less fortunate in Nicaragua.  Then, he felt a calling to move there.  James visited an orphanage, where he witnessed extreme poverty.  He shares the story of Sophia, who, despite her own circumstances, believed in herself, was hopeful and wanted to start her own bean crop project.  James and his team believed and invested in her.  He shares the following nuggets of life wisdom:

  • create practical and spiritual hope
  • our present does not define our future
  • despite our current circumstances, we have God-given potential
  • use our gifts to make a difference in the world
  • hope plays a significant role in our lives
  • no one is truly hopeless
  • take a step
  • be curious to listen and learn 

Hope Realized: How the Power of Practical and Spiritual Development Can Diminish Poverty and Expose the Lie of Hopelessness: Belt III, James H: 9798985734508: Books

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