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Stories that Empower

Apr 16, 2018

When Scott's dad passed, he reminded him to never give up (on his dream). Scott shares lots of wisdom, such as:
- try to replace bad habits with good habits
- if you're focused on change, you'll see the opportunities
- visualize the life you want to live
- surround yourself with people you can trust
- together come up with a goal, options and actions
- don't get stuck in the past

Scott Allan is a multiple bestselling author with six books currently published. His mission is to help people overcome their self-defeating behaviors, deal with rejection and build an empowering, freedom-based lifestyle. He is also a Master Coach with SPS and has helped dozens of authors to get their books written and published to market.
Scott resides in western Japan where he spends most of his time traveling, writing and counting the many gratitudes of life. He is the author of Empower Your Thoughts, Rejection Free, Do It Scared and several other bestselling books. With a deep passion for teaching, building life skills, and inspiring others to take charge of their lives, he is committed to a path of constant and never-ending self improvement.
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