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Stories that Empower

Apr 9, 2018

Doug encourages us to embrace struggles and turn them into strength. He also suggests to find people that care about us and believe in us.

In 1970, Doug Lipman was a discouraged teacher of highly resistant adolescents. One day he happened to tell them a story, and for the first time, they softened. Since then, he has spent his life using storytelling for transformation—and helping others use storytelling’s connective power in any walk of life.

Lipman literally wrote the book on coaching storytellers: The Storytelling Coach. He has coached executives, professionals and performing artists in Asia, Europe, Canada and the US, at organizations such as the World Bank, Microsoft, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, and the United Way.

In 2017 Lipman was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for “sustained and exemplary contributions to storytelling in North America.”


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