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Stories that Empower

Oct 16, 2017

Jim shares a very humble and honest story about doing what makes you truly content, despite the initial hurdles.

Jim has worked in the human services industry since the late 1990's from the front lines to the executive office. His unique outlook has helped many professionals navigate conflict, promote civil culture, and achieve success. Jim lives in central PA with his wife and children on a small farm with over 50 animals.

Jim knows how to prevent burnout, and he’s not afraid to jump into the fray.

If your healthcare staff is dealing with stress and burnout, Jim’s enlightening presentations will help turn things around fast. The author of The Professional Humanitarian: 7 Principles to Improve How You Manage Challenging Situations and Cultivate Civility, he offers strategies and solutions in the following areas: managing emotions, conflict resolution, crisis intervention, coping strategies, empathy, patience, perspective and leadership.

You and your staff will learn how to:

  • Create a civil culture that makes workers feel safe

  • Find the balance between giving to others and honoring your own needs

  • Replenish emotional balance

  • Use your insight and imagination to create more empathetic connections

  • Recognize the importance of the services you provide to those receiving care

“It’s easy to forget how important you are to someone when your duties are mentally and physically exhausting,” says Jim, who shares real-life stories and proven solutions to illustrate his points.