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Stories that Empower

Oct 9, 2017

Nick shares a story about perseverance, determination and the importance of not quitting.

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in biology from Whittier College and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree followed by a California State chiropractic license, Nicholas Harper built a successful six-figure chiropractic practice. Along the way he earned the designations Q.M.E. (Qualified Medical Examiner), I.M.E. (Independent Medical Examiner) and California State Medical Examiner.

Using the same techniques he shares with audiences today in his motivating presentations, Nicholas built a thriving chiropractic practice entirely from scratch in a crowded, highly-competitive market. He subsequently went on to build a local Red Cross volunteer base, expanding it from the thirty volunteers he inherited to nearly three hundred, utilizing the same effective marketing tools he teaches today that convince prospects to choose you over your competitors. “I know this system works,” says Nicholas, “because it worked for me every time as I built my business.”