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Stories that Empower

May 9, 2022

William Spencer

Cycling 8,000 miles from England to India enabled William to search for and find meaning in his life. He shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
- there's much more inside us than we realize
- be in the present moment
- happiness, satisfaction and freedom of mind come by living in the present
- let the winds of chance blow you where they will
- goodness lies at the heart of humankind
- people can be trusted
- joy and enlivening way that nature treats me
- be in-tune with nature
- easiest way out is through
- you can say yes until life says no
- things have a way of working out
- there's always something you can do for yourself
- allow yourself to get quiet to find clarity 

Far Sweeter Than Honey: Searching for Meaning on a Bicycle: Spencer, William: 9781951490928: Books

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