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Stories that Empower

Mar 28, 2022


Shelley shares how she overcame the loss of her son, Ryder, whom she considers an introspective and creative soulmate. She found that writing her book, memorializing him and contacts with him helped her to heal and find her way back to the light. Shelley shares the following nuggets of life wisdom:
- search for our spirit and light
- live in the light
- pick ourselves up
- it's one day at a time
- take care of yourself
- tune in to the things that bring you joy
- writing can help to get to your inner light
- spark that light within you
- share your story
- being helpful to others 

Leave Your Light On: The Musical Mantra Left Behind by an Illuminating Spirit: Buck, Shelley, Curtis, Kathy, Buck, Ryder: 9781734484403: Books

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