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Stories that Empower

Oct 18, 2021

Growing up, Aaron dreamed of becoming the youngest NFL sports agent. He was told that he can't get there. Aaron needed someone to push him. It took a 'no' for him to launch his own business. Initially, he had no direction nor clear map. Aaron formed a team with the right individuals, who shared his qualities: go getter mentality, motivation, drive, people skills and strong work ethic. He achieved his dream at the age of 25. Aaron shares the following nuggets of wisdom:
- know what you are capable of
- if you are driven to achieve your dream, then you can
- being told 'no' can be a blessing in disguise
- focus on your goal and dream
- don't give up
- put people around you that enable you to succeed
- get creative
- know the impact that you can make on individuals
- focus on moving forward
- keep an open mind mentality 

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