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Stories that Empower

Apr 12, 2021

Sean's frustration with his work environment and the lack of creativity were catalysts for him to become more comfortable in his own skin and come to a place of more gender balance.  He shares these nuggets of life wisdom:

  • stop being right and be more curious
  • break down the walls that keep us separate
  • access all of you
  • learn who you are
  • be who you are authentically
  • become more unfiltered
  • relax your ego
  • don't be afraid of how others will respond
  • find the strength in our voice and courage to walk in our paths
  • listen for the signs
  • listen to your heart
  • we get messages all the time of where we are called to be
  • have the courage in walking the path of your journey
  • let go of need to know how things will play out
  • listen to your inner knowing 

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