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Stories that Empower

Mar 8, 2021

Growing up, Sharon felt she had no future, because girls were discouraged from attending college. Her future felt pointless. Sharon ran away from home with her older sister at the age of 16. At first, the hippie movement in California was wonderful, but she realized that it wasn't what she thought it would be. Sharon was very depressed and felt suicidal. Then, she read a book, which helped her envision a place where there's love and caring for one another. This gave Sharon hope and inspiration. She wanted to grab life and live it. Sharon realized that society's expectations of women's roles was most likely the root of her unhappiness. She felt empowered, because she didn't have to follow those rules. Sharon expanded herself to go in new directions. She shares these nuggets of life wisdom:
- give life a try
- expand yourself and go in new directions
- life has a lot of opportunities for you
- connect with people 

No Rules Book Cover with Award Stickers

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