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Stories that Empower

Dec 23, 2019

Mary experienced addiction, alcohol, failed relationships and a father dying of cancer. Through meditation, she had an awakening and realized what she'd been escaping from. Mary's partnership with horses taught her to accept and not judge herself. Even though she'd always been authentic, she started becoming comfortable with her authentic self. Once Mary did that, she accepted herself and others. She transitioned from being authentic to accepting life and who she was. Mary shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
- relating is how we can grow with each other
- be authentic in all situations
- when we are authentic, then we are living from our hearts
- don't follow traditional paths if it doesn't authentic to you
- seek to be a partner with your life, don't try to control it
- heart is the important difference
- it's OK to be afraid
- we can be afraid and still take steps to heal
- feel acceptance for who you are
- self judgement and self doubt come from fear
- go inward to get answers

Perfect Practice Book Cover

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