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Stories that Empower

Dec 31, 2018

When Leesa was working in IT, she realized that her soul was dying. She decided to get in touch with her inner child and went on a journey of expressive writing, self inquiry and healing. Leesa picked up a creative pursuit and discovered that she wants to embrace whatever emotions come up for her.

She shares these nuggets of life wisdom:
- we have a short span of time on earth
- let's focus on what's important

Leesa Renee Hall is an author, facilitator, social historian, and creative word artist. Author of seven books, Leesa was known as a technology pioneer before turning her attention to writing about the intersection of race, spirituality, and leadership.

After writing half a million words over 365 consecutive days, Leesa discovered that expressive writing can help expand our sense of identity and connect to a higher guidance. She helps highly sensitive introverted leaders (HSIL for short) use the art of self-inquiry to question their unconscious biases so they create truly inclusive communities, companies, and corporations.

Leesa is on the Advisory Board for Awarepreneurs, a global community of social enterprise business leaders and entrepreneurs with a focus on social justice, diversity, and inclusion. Leesa’s tips have been featured in American Express OPENGlobe & MailChoiceThe Ottawa CitizenToronto StarProfit, and Inc. to name a few, along with television, radio and podcast appearances.